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The Fading

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I'd had a bloody long day. Pan had started off fine, joking, laughing... very friendly. Laura was not so friendly. She didna' like being near Pan at all, but denied wantin' to leave. Josh wasna' so bad, but having Ororo for a chaperon only made things worse. She kept getting off on all this "men are all sniveling chauvinistic worms" speech.

Pan's energy eventually lessened, and the tension between her and Laura grew. I finally got everyone to sit down for a movie, 'cause talking was gettin' nowhere, and gettin' there fast.

Finally, in the evening, Pan said she had to go. I was both sad and happy to see her off, and that made me feel guilty. I went to talk with Logan about it.


I knocked on the door of Logan's room. There were sounds of scuffling.

"Yeah?" Logan called from inside.

"It be Angus. I need to talk to ya."

I could feel the emotions of two people inside, and they were na' to happy. Oops.

Logan opened the door, "What d'ya want, Kid?"

"It be about Laura..."

Logan's eyebrows went up. He was amused. Great.

"Come on in, Bub." he said as he swung the door wide open. A pretty Japanese lady covered herself with the sheets.

"Logan!" she scolded.

"Don't get all tetchy, Ana. If he ain't seen the like before, then it's about time he got an education anyway."

Ana wrapped the sheet around her, and made her way to the bathroom with as much dignity as she could. I turned to Logan.

"If her emotions be any indication, ya be going to pay for that later."

Logan just chuckled. "Sit down. Don't touch anything, ya hear?"

I walked into the room, and took a chair. It was hard to ignore the smell. Logan already had boxers on, and he pulled a pair of pants over them. Thank God Almighty.

"So what's this about Laura, kid? And why are ya talkin' ta me?"

"Well, the Professor be busy, and I do na' really know anyone here. I came to ya 'cause ya happen to be Laura's father. As for what this be about, well, I be pretty sure ya know that Laura seems to like me."

He snorted, "Pretty damn obvious."

"I also be sure ya know that I already have a girlfriend."

"Yeah, a Saiyan like Veg head, only not half as annoyin'. Let me guess now, you want ta tell Laura ta back off without gettin' sliced, is that it?"

"Close." I replied.

"Okay, ya want me ta tell Laura ta back off."

"And keep this whole conversation quiet, of course. What else can I do?"



Finally, I was heading off to bed. I had thought about leaving, but Peter told me by email that he and the rest of the Parkers had gone to Hawaii. Well, they do deserve it. It's more or less a vacation here for me too.

Just before I got to the room that I shared with Josh, a tall blond woman stopped me. "Hi, I'm Carol Danvers, also known as Warbird... I heard that you can read... and adjust people's emotions?"

I nodded.

She wrung her hands. "Please, I need your help."

  1. Blogger Professor Xavier | 6:08 PM |  

    Sure, go to Wolverine for relationship advice. That's a great idea.

    (That was in my sarcastic voice. Just FYI.)

  2. Blogger Warbird | 4:44 AM |  

    oh I could kiss you

  3. Blogger Fade | 12:52 PM |  

    Sure, if ya like, Carol. Just gotta make sure Laura isna' looking.

  4. Blogger Wolverine | 8:41 PM |  

    Hey Chuck who's in a relationshpi now an' who just lost his girlfriend to the Henchman?

  5. Blogger Kon-El | 3:17 AM |  

    A party? sweet!

  6. Blogger Spider-Man | 9:35 AM |  

    Did I just hear the word "relationship" out of Wolverine? Weird...

  7. Blogger Pantha | 2:51 PM |  

    yeah in fact he has something on the side

  8. Blogger Wolverine | 8:28 PM |  

    Hey I've been married a couple o'times Parker, I can't help it that Sabetooth, or some other nutjob keeps killin' 'em.

    No I ain't Pantha. Besides Ya wanna cheat On Storm wit, Bulma and Vegeta , at the same time.

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